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Webmaster/Contents writer
Born in Osaka, Akemi spent some years studying in both the US and Canada. She has also worked in Switzerland as an accountant in a major international bank. She is always ready to take on a new challenge or travel to a different place, but wouldn't like to live in Tokyo, because it can be an unfriendly city to those who speak in perfect Osaka-dialect like she does. She is now the President of English Hands Ltd.
Glad to meet you on this web page! If you have any particular questions or requests related to Osaka, please drop me a line!! Looking forward to talking with you in the near future!
Akemi Kisumi

Web designer
Noriko is a web designer/creator at Niconicom Co., Ltd. She put a great deal of time and effort into making the homepage, because she wanted the end product to reflect how much she loves the city. She hopes that people who see the page will visit Osaka, and understand for themselves what a special place it is.
Thanks for looking at the web page! Osaka is a town well known for people who are always joking, laughing, and enjoying life, as well as being a city of unparalleled vibrancy and unique culture. More than anything, Osaka is a city that is full of "laughs" and "smiles." Please visit us in Osaka once, or twice, or as many times as you can!
Noriko Sawada

Steve came to Japan in 1997, with plans of staying and teaching English for just 1 year before returning to England. Eight years later, he is still here, living in Hokkaido with his wife and two daughters, and working as a freelance translator/editor.
Osaka is definitely number one in my top-ten list of places I have been in Japan. The people, sights, sounds, energy; it's just so different to other parts of Japan. If you have never been there, go! You don't know what you're missing!!
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